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about us


Hello friends! Welcome to my website www.ftfyweb.com. I am Sanjay Mandal. I am a student now. So, blogging is my part time job. I love to share what experiences I face with my everyday life. Just like a good food is all sweeter when shared with good friends, I think when an information is shared with correct people in a correct way, it become more valuable. It is my dream blog. Here I share articles related to General information, some Government services like Aadhaar ,Pan etc., Telecom Services, Social Media, Banking, Shopping and so many things. Time is precious and I know that everyone is busy in their life. Thus I always try to write article which is to the point. I always try to share full information about a topic with my personal feeling and thinking. I always like to represent things in a simpler way so that everyone can understand it. However, it is my first project and I am always trying to improve my performance serve you better. I think, the blog will help visitors of my website a lot. Their support is my inspiration.