How to Deactivate Value Added Services in Any Network

By | December 9, 2019
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How to Deactivate Value Added Services in Any Network


Mobile phone is a very important thing today. Almost everyone have a mobile phone. Sometimes unwanted value added services(VAS) such as dialer tune,caller tune,missed call alert,sports pack etc. become activated on our mobile number without any consent of the customer. Some services automatically renews on a monthly basis. Thus in the background, the value added services are continuing to consume mobile balance. In that way customers of different telecom operators have to pay money for the services which they do not want. This problem is very common for the consumers who do not check their mobile balance usage regularly or who has a poor knowledge of mobile phones. A way out of this problem, Department of Telecommunications(DoT) introduced a service to help consumers for deactivating the services easily. The service was announced in 2013 but very few consumers are aware of it. In order to stop the unwanted VAS a consumer need to follow some simple steps. Hope this article help you.

Steps for deactivating unwanted VAS:

You can check the list of VAS services active on your mobile phone and manage them on IVR. The process is very simple. Just follow these steps below.

  1. Dial toll free number 155223 from your mobile number
  2. You may have to choose language
  3. Then, the details of activated VAS will be provided to you through IVR
  4. Here you can manage and deactivate the undesired VAS by pressing specific numbers on IVR

Alternative way:

If you do not follow the above mentioned steps, then here is an alternative way for you. Just go to Write Message option of your mobile phone and type STOP. Send the SMS to the toll free number 155223. Boom! all your active VAS will deactivate. You have nothing more to do. You will get confirmation message about the deactivation of the VAS.

Suggestions from me:

  1. Please do not pick any call for activating VAS. If you receive any call from numbers starting with the digit ‘1’, simply reject it. Sometimes VAS services becomes activated just for accepting phone call from company and left it without pressing any key.
  2. You can activate Do Not Disturb(DND) service for your mobile number. This service will block all the calls appealing for activating VAS. I will write a separate post describing the processes for activating DND services.
  3. Check your mobile balance regularly
  4. Dial toll free number 155223 occasionally to check if any service is active on your number

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