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Jio Phone Exchange Offer | JioPhone Monsoon Hungama at ₹501

Jio Phone Exchange Offer

Jio Phone Exchange Offer Live Now    Reliance Jio Infocomm has introduced Jio Phone Exchange Offer which is also known as Jio Phone Monsoon Hungama Offer. In this offer, anyone can exchange his/her old phone with Jio Phone. The offer is live since 21st July, 2018. The new Jio Phone supports Youtube, Facebook and Whatsapp. Existing Jio Phone users will get these features on your existing Jio Phone from 15th August, 2018.   Is Your Old Phone Eligible for Exchange ?   You can exchange your old phone with Jio Phone if your phone meets the conditions as given below. Your phone must be in working condition. The Jio representatives will check if it is switching on or not. They also check if the phone is charging or not. The phone must be in good condition. If there is any physical damage, then they can deny to exchange it. They will track your the phone's IMEI