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Mobiles Below 5000 | Best Jio Phone 2 Alternatives

Mobiles Below 5000

Mobiles Below 5000   The booking of Jio Phone 2 will be started soon. Everyone is egarly waiting for buying it. But there are many 4G smartphones available in the market whose prices are slightly higher than the most awaited Jio Phone 2. Here I am sharing a list of mobiles below 5000. These are complete android phones and best in this budget. These smartphones also support Jio SIM. I am not saying that Jio Phone 2 is not good. I am just personally unhappy with the price of Jio phone 2. Just adding a few much money to their budget, one can purchase a complete android mobile phone. That's why I suggest to check these smartphones before buying Jio Phone 2. So, let us start.   List of Mobile Phones Below 5000 Lava Z60 Price : ₹4,999.00 Specifications :     Xolo Era 1X Pro Price : ₹4,499.00 Specifications :     Swipe Elite Envy Price : ₹4,499.00  Specifications :     Nokia 1 Price : ₹4,505.00 Specifications :     Panasonic P91 Price :