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How to Pay Online with Your Credit Card and Debit Card

Pay Online

Pay Online with Your Credit Card and Debit Card   There are so many people in the world who do not know how to pay online or afraid of losing money for making e payment or online payment. But as time pasts, everything is going to be digitized. So,it is now become necessary to know about digital payment systems. But before that you must have to learn about your debit/credit card, their security features etc. After that you can determine if online payment is secure or not. So let's start by knowing the about the debit/credit cards. Know your Debit and Credit card   Here I have shared a sample copy of a Debit card different element of which is marked with letters A to G. Let us learn about the elements one by one. A : It is the 16 digit card number which you have to enter on the payment page B : It is